Recording “Love Like No Other” by The Lesser Ones


I can’t believe it’s been a year since we recorded this song. I wrote a blog that I never published earlier this year and thought now might be a good time to post it.




It started with an email I got on December 1st 2011 titled “Praise God!” that contained an acoustic demo of a new song that my best friend Andrew Shearer had started writing. Andrew wrote in the email:


“I started writing a song last night and couldn’t come up with a chorus… all last night and this morning I was pondering and prying my head trying to think of a good chorus.  Finally I just put it out of my mind during my devo time.  About an hour later I was walking into the plasma center and it just came into my head!  God just planted a chorus of praise in my heart and so I ran back out to my car and grabbed my recorder and recorded the idea real quick cause I knew I’d forget it while I was in the blood bank haha.  Anyways, when I got home and played through the verses the chorus that was given to me fit right in with the song! I was so pumped. “


In the demo Andrew further explained the song and how he thought this song would be great with a full band, and also with group vocals on the chorus.  I was very excited about what I was hearing in this demo and couldn’t wait till it was time to record! In the next week, Andrew had got with some friends and they started putting this song together and polishing it up.  A WEEK LATER they had decided to become a band, and this song would be their first release.  We booked December 17th, 2011 at Suma Recording and started telling people about it.


So if you’re paying attention here that’s a 17 day time cycle from song creation to band creation to recording . Pretty intense if you ask me!  The 17th came and that blur of a day turned into a great session!  We decided to track the whole band live with scratch acoustic and vocals and then record the final acoustic and vocals for real later.  We only did about 3 takes all the way through and they pretty much nailed the song each time.  We decided on the take we liked the most and brought in the group vocals.  We had about 10-12 friends and family come to help with the group vox.  From there, we shifted modes a bit and set the studio up for the music video.   I forgot to mention that we had this crazy idea to record a song AND a music video in the same day!  It took us about 5 or 6 run-throughs to get all the footage we needed.  I was VERY happy with how the recording came out and was feeling good about the video as well. It sure helps having a group of very talented and creative people to work with. A couple months later we got the song mixed and the video edited and released the song on valentines day. This was the start of a great band, The Lesser Ones. And I am so happy to have been a part of this!


Be sure to check out The Lesser Ones at their social sites. They’ve got some new music coming out soon and some more exciting things as well!



Here’s some technical details for the nerdy people out there.


  • Drums – 
    •  Kick – Sennheiser 441 about an inch and a half away from the back of the drum and about 1/4 of the way from the left.
    • Snare – Sennheiser 421.
    • Rack Tom – Sennheiser 441.
    • Floor Tom – Sennheiser 441. (notice a pattern here?)
    • Overheads – 2 Neumann U87s spaced slightly outside the width of the drums looking in.
    • Room – 2 small diaphram condensers mounded on the front wall about 30 feet apart (I forget what they are.) These mics also picked up all the guitars from the room and really filled things out.
  • Bass Guitar – Positioned to the right of the drums from the control room perspective (which is also stereo perspective in the mix) Direct out from SANSAMP and a Sennheiser 441 on a vintage marshal SuperBass half stack.
  • 1st Lead Guitar – Matchless Chieftain Positioned to the left of the drums from the control room perspective. 1 Beyerdynamic m88 and 1 Neumann KM84 on the amp.
  • 2nd Lead Guitar – Vox AC30 with a terrible whining noise in it positioned to the right of the drums and bass from the control room perspective. 1 Shure SM57 and 1 Neumann KM84 on the amp.
  • Acoustic Guitar –  Recorded separately with a Neumann U47, and some punch-ins done at my home studio with a modded apex 460, both in cardioid.
  • Lead Vocals –  Recorded separately with a Neumann U47, and some punch-ins done at my home studio with a modded apex 460, again both in cardioid .
  • Group Vocals – Recorded with a Neumann U47 hoisted up to about 6 and a half feet aiming down at the group. We recorded 2 separate takes and used them together to add some stereo width and fill out the sound. I wish I would have recorded a little more with the group vox in hindsight, but oh well.


Recorded at Suma Recording Studio in Painesville, Ohio. Mixed in my home studio in Pro Tools with a hand full of various plugins and an  ART Pro VLA II compressor on lead Vox and Acoustic guitar, as well as a Lexicon MX-200 reverb on drums and a Furman RV-1 spring reverb on group vocals. It’s nice being able to use outboard gear while mixing in the box. It allows me to have hands on control of real devices, and they are much more organic than plugins (Well except for the mx-200, as it’s a digital reverb. But it’s still nice having physical controls.)


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