Indiegogo, an alternative to Kickstarter that’s worth checking out

It seems that everyone has a kickstarter campaign today. Even famous artists and bands are heading to the internet to get their fans’ help (and money) to make their next project a reality. Why? Well cause it makes sense. With the ways that record labels work these days you either debt yourself to them and spend forever to work it off or try to raise your own money. Obviously a lot of people are deciding to raise their own money. Just another stab in the side contributing to the eventual demise of big name labels of today.


I’ve recently been annoyed with the length of kickstarter videos being way too long and just.. well..  boring. And I’m planning on writing an article with some video tips sometime in the future but today I want to talk about an alternative to kickstarter that I think you should definitely look into, Indiegogo.



Started in 2008 has actually been around a year longer than kickstarter and claim have funded over 45,000 projects where Kickstarter claims to have funded only 20,000+ projects. Both sites function and are actually laid out almost exactly the same it’s actually quite comical how similar the 2 sites look. The real difference between the 2 sites has to do with receiving funds.


With Kickstarter you set the funding goal you want to reach and if you reach or exceed that goal you get the funds raised minus a 5% fee to kickstarter, if you are any amount under your goal you receive nothing. Indiegogo on the other hand has two funding options. The first option is just like Kickstarter, set a goal and if you meet the goal you get the money but with a 4% fee. The second option is called the “flexible” option. If you choose this option you set your goal but you receive the money raised even if your goal is not met! This is a great thing in my opinion. You are not left high and dry if your goal isn’t met. There is a 9% fee taken if you are under your goal, but you’re still getting money so you really can’t complain right? Both companies also charge a percentage for credit card transactions, something you really can’t avoid.


The Issue

On paper Indiegogo looks better. Having a slightly lower cost if you meet your goal and a guarantee that you will at least make some money (as long as someone gives you some). But the real issue comes about when you check out both sites. With Kickstarter being the better known site, it seems to get more attention. I’ve looked all over Indiegogo’s site and looked at their “success stories” and nothing compares to results from kickstarter campaigns like this or even this.


So you have a decision to make now that I’ve introduced another option for you. You’re welcome! Good luck with your campaigns and remember keep your video short and to the point!!!



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