If This Then That – Convergence for your band’s social media

Social Media is one of those things that you absolutely need to be a part of these days if you are a band. It’s one of the best ways to advertise yourself to a mass market for virtually no cost. But managing all these different sites can become daunting. You have to be logged into 3 or more sites at once and most of the time you are updating the same information on all of them. Yes, some of these sites have their own integration with Facebook and Twitter, but it’s limited to a couple options. I found an awesomely simple tool that will help you solve most of your social media woes. If This Then That “Puts the internet to work for you by creating tasks that fit this simple structure: if this then that.”

Here’s a couple examples:

  • If I tweet something, write that same post on my Facebook page.
  • If I write a new blog then post a link to it on my Facebook page
  • If I post a picture to Facebook then Tweet it
  • if someone follows me on twitter then thank them through Buffer(we’ll get to buffer in a moment)
  • If one of  the band members tweets a band related post with a hashtag then retweet it with your band twitter using  Buffer.

As you can see from those 5 quick examples I just gave, there’s a lot you can do with IFTTT.
IFTTT does much more than just social media. If you check out the image to the left you can see a list of some of the “channels” you can work with. SMS alerts, email alerts, drop box, even phone calls! This tool is starting to get super interesting! The process to create a “task” is pretty simple. It clearly guides you in every single step and has a drop down box of “addins” which are variables relating to the data you are dealing with. There is also a page containing “recipes” that users have submitted. These are just pre-made tasks but they can help you think of some neat ideas. 

Currently I have tasks set up to post new WordPress blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. I also have any tweets sent to Facebook and any new Facebook photos sent to twitter. I think I’m going to start using it some more for personal stuff as well. it has an sms feature that can either send you a text or receive texts from you and there is also a phone call feature. If you call the number provided you can record a voicemail which then gives you an mp3 link to do with what you please.


There’s one more tool that I want to mention. It’s a site called Buffer. Buffer is a great tool for scheduling tweets. The idea is you create a “buffer” or list of tweets that you want to be sent out. Then you set up buffer with a schedule. This schedule can be one or multiple times in a day when you want your tweets to be posted. This way, if you think of something really profound or interesting to say at 3:00am you can post it to buffer and it will post it to your twitter at a time when people are actually awake. It’s also a way you can get around sending @replies with twitter. For whatever reason, IFTTT does not let you sent @replies directly to twitter. I use Buffer to schedule tweets for the @RustbeltREC twitter and I also use it with my personal twitter account @iamthesoundman to retweet from rustbelt.

Well, there it is. A couple tools to help you manage your social media sites a little better. Hope you have as much fun playing with these as I have.



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