Recording “Love Like No Other” by The Lesser Ones


I can’t believe it’s been a year since we recorded this song. I wrote a blog that I never published earlier this year and thought now might be a good time to post it.




It started with an email I got on December 1st 2011 titled “Praise God!” that contained an acoustic demo of a new song that my best friend Andrew Shearer had started writing. Continue reading

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Andrew Shearer (The Lesser Ones) – Truth music video

Andrew from The Lesser Ones and I spent some time a few weeks ago and filmed and recorded him singing a song he wrote.



Some technical notes: I set up my Tascam DR-40 with a Blue Baby Bottle to close mic his playing and singing and used the build in mics to stereo record the room reverb. Came out pretty good if you ask me!   – Jake

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Indiegogo, an alternative to Kickstarter that’s worth checking out

It seems that everyone has a kickstarter campaign today. Even famous artists and bands are heading to the internet to get their fans’ help (and money) to make their next project a reality. Why? Well cause it makes sense. With the ways that record labels work these days you either debt yourself to them and spend forever to work it off or try to raise your own money. Obviously a lot of people are deciding to raise their own money. Just another stab in the side contributing to the eventual demise of big name labels of today.


I’ve recently been annoyed with the length of kickstarter videos being way too long and just.. well..  boring. And I’m planning on writing an article with some video tips sometime in the future but today I want to talk about an alternative to kickstarter that I think you should definitely look into, Indiegogo.

Continue reading

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If This Then That – Convergence for your band’s social media

Social Media is one of those things that you absolutely need to be a part of these days if you are a band. It’s one of the best ways to advertise yourself to a mass market for virtually no cost. But managing all these different sites can become daunting. You have to be logged into 3 or more sites at once and most of the time you are updating the same information on all of them. Yes, some of these sites have their own integration with Facebook and Twitter, but it’s limited to a couple options. I found an awesomely simple tool that will help you solve most of your social media woes. If This Then That “Puts the internet to work for you by creating tasks that fit this simple structure: if this then that.” Continue reading

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We are Live!

Welcome to the finished Rustbelt Recording Company website! We hope you like what we’ve done here. And more so we hope you will consider working with us on your next music project!

Jake Barshick.

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