The Rustbelt Recording company

is a Cleveland, OH based collaboration of musically minded people.
Our goal is to make good music and capture it as transparently as possible.


It’s Your Music Be Proud of it!

We believe that artists should take pride in the music they are creating. Don’t let your music sit around, be heard! Go out and play for people! But also, get your music recorded! It’s part of our beliefs at The Rustbelt Recording Company to make artists proud of their music; make them excited about the songs they have written, and help them release their music for the world to hear.

What We Do

  • Audio recording and production
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design

A Recording What?


we’re not a recording studio. We’re a recording company.

But what does that mean?

There are so many great studios in the Cleveland area. We felt that in this current economy, opening another one up would be a bad decision financially; so we’ve decided to put our resources towards building better music instead. All this means is that we will rent out studios in the Cleveland Area for our uses. This allows us to pick spaces that will tailor your music the best and keep things fresh for us. We have made ourselves a home-base at Suma Recording Studio in Painesville, Ohio. If you’ve never checked this place out, it’s truly awesome! This will be our first recommendation for a studio. We think it’s one of the best studios in this area, and we think you’ll agree with us! You can check out some video and pictures of Suma Recording on our Watch page.



We believe communication is the key to having a successful and smooth experience. For us, email Twitter and Facebook are the best ways to talk. You’ll find links to all of that below.
Email: jake@rustbeltrecording.comYou can also use this fancy contact form:


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